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In all previous versions of the Calendar with the RSVP to Calendar events, the event host and admin had the option to remove any person who was not welcome at that particular event.  Sadly this option that has been available in all previous versions is no longer available in version 4.  

We recently had it happen on our site that one of the members who had RSVP’d to one of the Calendar Events was permanently banned due to their behaviour.  While it is possible to delete all their content from the Admin CP there is  no way for either Admin or the Event Host to remove this person from the RSVP list. 

If we have had this kind of thing happen it must be something that has come up with others as well.   In ALL previous versions it was a very simple matter for either the event host or admin to remove any unwanted attendees from the RSVP list.


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I would love to see the host being able to do this again. And not even for unwanted RSVP's but if there is a repeating event where the attendees may change the host should be able to clear the list. 

Adriano's plug in does help but if you have a busy calendar then you almost need an admin just to manage it.

I love 4.1, but really disappointed in the moderation abilities of the calendar (3.x had it's moderation issues as well). None of it is a deal breaker for me though...

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