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Average requirements for board

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Hi. I have a ipb4 install with about 6000 visitors per day/5000 uniques, about 120-150 concurrent users, and about 12k page views daily.

what are the average hardware requirements for such a size board? I currently have this running on a vps with 1gb guaranteed memory and it constantly uses above 90%.

im looking to confirm if this is normal or there are measures to be taken.



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In terms of performance there are many that you have to do :)

First you must get a server close to your visitors location and if you want you can use also Cloudflare....

Then your forum is small and the traffic is not high so you can use as minimum:

2GB RAM (I recommend 4GB)

ssd disk (if it is in your budget)

Cpu Xeon (one that can fit in your budget)


A good server OS like Centos 64bit

Some really good and fast software like: Nginx, MariaDB, Php-fpm v5.6.x

Then use some software that can accelerate performance like Zend opcache and if you use IPB4 Memcache also will help a lot.

Optimize your kernel and Nginx and database by my.cnf file and so on.....


The list is huge :)

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