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Thank you IPS Inc.


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Hi IPS team,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone on the team for the wonderful products and services you provide. I spend a lot of time on here. I have posted several things critical of various aspects of the software. I hope that my contributions are perceived as constructive but I realize that it does not always come off as such. Thus, I just wanted to take a moment to focus on gratitude and what's good about IPS (which in all actuality is almost everything).

In my humble opinion IPS provides:

  • The best support of any competing product. Hands down, I love the level of support.  Mind blowing fast, and willing to go the extra mile to solve problems.
  • The best product of any competing software. So many things about IPB (and the other apps) just work the way they should. notifications, ajax, moderation options. More than I can list.
  • The best support (community) site. The team really does a great job listening and providing feedback.

I spend a lot of time here because I am really excited about IPS. It's honestly what I do for fun. I don't run a business, I have a website as a hobby and IPS is making my hobby very rewarding.

Just wanted to spend a moment to express my gratitude.

Thank you IPS

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