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How to disable private messages


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On 29/01/2016 at 4:47 PM, Janyour said:

sorry i have a similar question but for the status updates, how i can disable members posting on others members walls ?

to let only members post in their own wall (status) and not each others :)


I'm interested in this too

On 27/01/2016 at 9:42 PM, TheSonic said:


AdminCP -> System -> Applications -> System (PulldownMenu) -> Messages -> Permissions -> Can access module -> uncheck for the groups who should not be able to use the PM-System

can access the module... does this mean ( for example with status updates module) they can view status updates OR they can actually add them?  I actually want to allow certain groups to be able to add status updates whilst everyone else including guests can only view them

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@kar3n2: If you disable "Can Access the module", everything from this module is removed for that usergroup (like it's not installed at all) - so you are not able to set individual rights like view/add/... at this Point. .

But there is a usergroupsetting: <Usergroup> -> Edit -> Social -> Can post Status updates
Just add this right to these "certain Groups" and remove it from all others - i think, this will do what you want (and don't use "Can Access module" in this case, all Groups shoul have Access to this module in your situation)

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