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Add tag on feed rss


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I've see in dlvr a setting for tag:


If your RSS feed items include 'category' tags, those tags will be used to create hashtags (e.g. #news, #breaking) in your twitter posts. There are three different placement options:

  • Before content: Hashtags, up to a maximum of 5, will be placed between any defined prefixes and the item content.
  • After content: Hashtags, up to a maximum of 5, will be placed after your content ahead of any suffixes added to the item content.
  • Inline: If any of the categories are matched in the item text (title or body), the matched text will be turned into a hashtag.

Autohashtags will be added to posts, even though they are not displayed in the curation editor.

but in my pages rss tag isn't present (so, can't be imported in social network).


i don't know if is a bug or work as expected, but tag in social rss > in social can be a good improvements.




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