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When you embed a post can it notify the author? (setting)


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I use post embeds like quotes because you can't quote cross-topic (or it's really hard with this editor) but it is similar to quoting, for example someone asked about the post stats issue, Lindy answered someone in another topic so I posted the embed.

It actually works better than a quote as it's easier to click to it than the arrow on the quote box, but it serves the same purpose in many cases.

Could there be a new setting similar to being quoted, to be notified when a post is shared? In this case, if Lindy had it on, he'd receive a notification.

Also if someone shares your topic because it is informative it would be great in general to be notified, so you could like the post or thank.

Same setting even? Someone quotes or shares a comment or post I made


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No I want it part of IPS core notifications. It's similar to quoting somebody, but the embeds are a newer function, so maybe IPS just never thought about notifications for it. Hopefully they see this is a useful function. If you write a good tutorial, article, post, even post an image, maybe you want to know every time someone shares it, so you can Like it, or join the discussion about it. Plenty of good reasons.

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