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IP. Chat 4.0 - the proposed amendment

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Hello there,

I test IP. Chat. This is fantastic apps, I can see active user on chat, and I can start private chat. It's good! But, I think there is few thing to improve. 

History chat - it should be last 50-100 comments, no last 10 minutes... 
The ability to create new chatroom. Now, I can write on one chatroom, so I think there could be more chatroom to variety of topics. 

What do you think about this? In this case, the chat is hopeless. Better is a free chatbox.

We used to be able to log on in the morning and see what all the late night drunkards had been discussing, it was one of the best features of the chat room; a rolling discussion that never cleared.

Is there possibility to allow chat history in IP.Chat? I need to have the option Clear Chat Buffer set to "No" or just to leave last 50-100 messages. 




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Also chat logs are useless now. We had an issue where we had to go back and find something someone said. While I could eventually find it, on 3.X you could filter by Private and Public chat msgs and the user's name. Now it just lists everything together.

I also do not understand why when moderation is done (Such as Kicking a user) it doesn't show who kicked them and that they were kicked. It also half the time doesn't show when someone enters or leaves.

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I like IP.Chat, the Problem on my site is: we only need the Chat at Special Events (and then, the number of chatters are huge, so we would Need a higher plan) i don't know the exact Dates. All the other time, Chat is nearly unused.

IPS wrote, Chats are ressourceintensive - that said, i run a PHP/Ajax-Chat and during the last years, i also hosted perl-Chats and even a IRC-Server myself.
Sure, IP.Chat will not run on shared Hosting, but an Option would be nice, if we want to host it our self (and Need enough ressources) or host it at IPS.

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chat is something really important to communicate for most forums users, but in time user have migrated also on Facebook (they get a messenger it's like a chat) to use fan page or group, this is something that will take away user, so w need to offer better services to our users, and chat could be something that help, IPS have stated in past that will be the next big thing to work on, so when, how could we help ?

ps: i'll also seen on "free concurrent solution" there is more advanced chat options that permit to speak even browsing forum with no popup etc etc... seriously IPS work on this !


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3 hours ago, Michael R said:

A little off topic, but has anyone incorporated a video chat? I think my members might enjoy that but not sure how to incorporate or what issues it may have.

yah arrowchat has video calling , its an extra cost to run arrow but its worth it imo

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