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Forums break if users log in (after 3 to 4 upgrade)


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Today we upgraded our IPBoard version 3 to version 4.  The upgrade process went quite smooth, without any errors.  After the upgrade was done it has left our forums in an unusable state though.

Status after upgrade:

The admin panel worked mostly, but did not load any CSS, so was very hard to navigate.  The forums worked properly, I could browse everything and read posts... but as soon as I logged in, the forum would not load CSS and the forum index content looked like I was not logged in.  When I deleted all cookies, the site worked again, until I logged in...

Status after clearing cache:

After Googling around a bit, I found how to clear the cache via the "Support" option in the admin CP.  After this happened, the admin panel started working properly.  I now have an admin panel which functions perfectly and gives no hint whatsoever to indicate the forums are broken.  The forums however, still exhibit the same problem.  I'm using the default theme, which displays fine (CSS and all), until you log in.  As soon as you log in, CSS is not loaded and forums actually -do not work- as it somehow seems to think the user is not logged in.  Now here's the kicker:  if I go into cookie settings for the forums in my browser, and delete the "ips4_member_id" cookie (after login) the forums actually work after a refresh.  The layout displays properly, the CSS loads... everything seems fine.  Until I log out and log in again...

What I've tried:

resetting theme for all users, logging out all users, disabling all community enhancements, installing a different theme (which actually works, because I can see the layout change, but the problems stay the same)... I've tried about everything I can think of... this is the part where I absolutely need help. :-)

Hopefully you can give me some advice on how to remedy or at least further debug this.  Below is a screenshot of what the forum index looks like after logging in (I am actually logged in correctly even though the forums say otherwise - I have the cookies to prove it).

Thanks in advance.

Broken forum index after login.png

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