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What is the Approval Queue?

Square Wheels

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27 minutes ago, AndyF said:

How odd.

Try running the Support tool in the ACP , the "Something is not working" , follow it through all the way until it wants to submit a ticket, then stop and return to the Mod Control Panel. Is it any better ?

Nope, I've done that several times recently.  Yesterday in fact.  Still a mismatch.

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If its still doing it after that then I'd have to suggest a ticket so a support tech can take a quick look. It does not (sound) like it would take much to rectify, although why its stuck is a mystery. I have seen this happen on the 3x series and running the 'Cache Management' tool on that version did fix it but that's not applicable with IPS4.

EDIT... Jim beat me to it. :)

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Thanks, I submitted a critical support request. :) Kidding, whenever you have time, this week, this month, this year...

Oops, I got this error on submit:


The request could not be satisfied.

CloudFront attempted to establish a connection with the origin, but either the attempt failed or the origin closed the connection. 

Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)
Request ID: RhQLtZAczq16EyffAF_o30fvvKdfrhdX1kLQ5YqXxA3m6d2nHmfEpw==

OK, tried to submit the ticket, got that error both times, now I have two tickets.  Sorry.

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