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Let's say a user reports content and I don't agree anything needs to be done about it.  It seems I can't use the reported content option to communicate with them about it, I start a PM and reference it to ask them for further questions.  Also, they can't see if any action was ever taken.  It would be nice if the reporter could be replied to and could see the outcome of the report.

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Just now, Morrigan said:

I disagree! I don't need anyone but my staff to know what is done about a report, if anything is done at all.

What happens in the Moderator panel, stays in the Moderator panel.

That could be an option, maybe like warning points where there are two places to enter info?  One for staff, one for submitter.  Even a simple thank you for reporting this...

As an example someone "reported" something and asked that I correct a typo.  How do I let them know it's done?  I am not going to be unfriendly and suggest that is not the correct way to communicate this mistake.  I want all users on my sites to feel welcomed.

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I agree the Rules app looks amazing, but I would not want to install something like that.  It seems to be covering too many missing features that the software should have built in and I'm afraid I would start to rely on it for items such as this and the vendor (no disrespect intended) may decide to not support it any longer.  I have a few add-ons, but all ones I can live without.

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Hover the name of the reporter, and click "Message", easy to contact them unless you want to be anonymous.

Sometimes it is necessary to contact users to tell them to stop reporting stuff that doesn't break the rules, etc. An anonymous canned message system would be nice with ability to add a custom message, sent anonymously and not as a PM, just as an inline notification, like when a member has been warned.

Say, short canned messages like:
Thank you for your report
We are looking into this, thank you for your report
This has been resolved, thank you
This does not currently violate our rules or terms but thank you for being vigilant
(Custom - enter your own)

Just an idea.

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