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Specific way of importing post feed to Pages


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I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland but I'm sure I'll get used to IPB4 in no time!

Anyway, is there a way to export topics to the main portal pages (Pages) in a way of a topic feed (but showing only first/main post?

Currently, with the default blocks, I can import either topic feeds (listed, showing titles, which I'm not interested in) and posts feed (showing actual content).

Problem with the post feed is it just keeps showing replies etc..

What I would like to have is a topic feed (showing initial post) on the main portal page and than people should click on a link to go to a thread and reply there..

I would like to have an option of say, 5 of these feeds to show on the main page.

I am not sure I explained  this properly, it's pretty late but there you go! :D

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