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3 minutes ago, Morrigan said:

@Jimmy Gavekort When do you get the error?

Everywhere, matters on where I set the trigger to in the rules settings. If i set the trigger to update/create content - it will return that error.. I think @Kevin Carwile said something about the iAwards returning error..


"Did you add any code to your api methods that halts execution and sends error output instead of simply throwing an exception that can be caught? It seems like that is what is happening." 


Basically if i set the trigger to execute give award, when the user has over 25 reputation when the user posts a topic.. it will error and say "The user already owns this award" each time I create a topic.

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5 hours ago, scaz said:

Thanks raw for this application.

I buy it. I have a problem, when I want install it, I choose the .tar file and submit, but install failed, I have a blank page on the installer. :( 

Hi Scaz and thanks for the support, drop me a pm so i can have a look at what could be the issue.

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Here are mine http://www.toontask.com/awards/

Again, previously used with HQ Awards, so the quality was set for 35x35px, so I need to improve their quality.

43 different awards & a total of 416 awards given.

Although I was with HQ Awards, I removed them all during the Beta stage of iAwards when the conversion wasn't available, so have had to add them all manually

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