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Please Clarify User Name versus Display Name


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We are currently on v 3.4.6.  I would like to have our cloud instance upgraded to the latest version.  This was sent to us a while back in a communication with tech support about it:


User / Display Names
Usernames and display names have been merged in IPS4. As the administrator, you may select which to keep during the upgrade process. Please note that this field will be the publicly displayed field for the user. Would you like to retain usernames or display names?

No screenshots or examples were provided, and I have no idea what it's talking about.  When users log into our forum, they use a user name and password.  Their user name is also the name they go by on the forum.  I don't see anything named "display name" under users profiles anywhere, what is this referring to?  Perhaps some other earlier version we don't have?

We DO have a field named "your full name" which only moderators can see.  That we want left as is and don't want merged at all.

Can someone please clarify this for us?

Thank You









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On 3.4.x users had both a login name and a display name. When they registered, the name they used became both, however they could change their display name at any time (depending on admin setting), but could never edit their login name.

In 4.x, display names were done away with so when upgrading it will ask you which name you wish all your users be converted to; either their login or their display. If you didn't allow the ability to change their display name then you should just opt to upgrade using their login names and not worry about it.

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