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Suggestion: Marketplace Categories/Filters


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Hey Guys,

I am posting in this section as it isnt an issue with a product but rather IPS's own implementation of Downloads.

You used to have 'Version' as a required field for new files, which you can still see when you view some of the older 3.4.x files, however none of the new ones carry such information. With 4.0.x and 4.1.x having different requirements, many dont work cross-version and if people download incorrectly, cause their forum to crash.

In addition to restoring the version field, perhaps a 'pre-requisites' field? Plugins that work for pages or commerce for example could state that within the file details so that users don't purchase the incorrect file. ( a good example is this file where it does say in the description, but isnt so clear - not the authors fault!) It would also assist in quick searchs/filters to find plugins only for the product you are seeking out.

Thanks for hearing me out and I hope the improvements can be implemented soon if possible!

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