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Where are these theme colours used?


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Upon editing a theme I can enter hex values for various theme elements, I have most of them covered but I don't know where these are, can someone explain where they are used?

Moderated Background
Moderated Light Background
Moderated Text
Moderated Text (Light)
Rating 'hover' star
Rating 'on' star

I have tried using the point and click selector to find them but with no luck.

Also, does anyone know if it is possible with Paid Downloads to give certain user groups a different 'Commission for Site' and 'Transaction Fee for Site' rate?

Thanks in advance,


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Sure :)

  • Prefix: this is for 'topic prefixes' (although all apps support them). They display like a tag at the start of the title.
  • Selected: The color used when rows in a table are selected (when you check the checkbox)
  • Moderated Background/Text: These are all used to show content that is hidden (such as awaiting moderation). Hide a post in a topic for an example.
  • Rating 'hover/on' star: Used for ratings on items. The 'hover' color is used when someone mouses over a star, the 'on' is used to indicate an 'active' star.
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