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Source button in ckeditor result already installed?


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I tried to enable/install source button in editor (i've some issue with editor and mobile, and if i can edit by source all works best)!

So, i've found these plugins:

1) http://ckeditor.com/addon/sourcearea

2) http://ckeditor.com/addon/sourcedialog

I tried n.1, but this result already installed (although i cannot see any way to enable)...

After of this I tried n.2, and it work as expected.

Anyway, if is possible, i prefer n.1.

My question is: can i do something to install (or enable) plugin n.1?

Thanks in advance for support,

S.N. :)



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with n.2, i can use also from guest, also without "allow html" permission.


Source Dialog

The Source Dialog plugin provides an easy way to edit raw HTML source of the editor content, similarly to what is possible with the Source Editing Area plugin for classic editor, but using a dialog window.

This plugin brings source code editing capabilities to inline editors, but it can be combined with classic editors, too.

seems to work in a different way from "Source Editing Area".

So, i maintain this without enable html :)

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