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Admin Permissions Problem


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Since upgrading to IPS4 we've had an issue with some admin permissions.

The other members of our "Super Administrators" group don't have access to even moderation features -- only I do.

* If you create a new member and set their primary group as "Super Administrators" then there are no problems - it all works as expected and they have full perms to moderate and admin. If you switch the previous "super admins" to another group, e.g. "member") and back again then they still don't gain the correct permissions. So the group isn't the problem -- it's just these particular member accounts.

* If you try to create separate admin accounts for them in the ACP then this also doesn't work. 

I'm trying to see if I (as the only working "Super Administrator" account) can simply copy my permissions in the database, but I can't nail down where the permissions are stored.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Administrators aren't automatically moderators.

You'll have to add the administrator group to your moderators, if you want to have them also as moderators. You can do this in your ACP => Members => Moderators.

Please see also following guide for further information


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