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Different views in different browsers, how do I correct this


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Getting pretty confused since iPboard was upgraded to version 4 a couple;e of days ago.
Options like activity and streams, I lost my way a bit.
And online guides are short or have broken links, so I’m struggling somewhat ;-)

Worse is that I’m working with Safari and Firefox [ on an iMac] and the view of the homepage differs.
I would like the logo to be above everything, than under it a bar with on left side “sign in” and “Sign up” and on the right side the words Forums, Calendar, Online Users, Chat and Staff
“Home” should be the 1st word, but may stay where it is.

See screenshot5698158c74676_screenshothelpvraagIPSforu

Anyone out here than can help me and explain what to do.
Would be really appreciated!

Note: due to different time zones, it can take a while for me to react.

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