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adding an instruction to modal for profile photo


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Hi there.  I'm frustrated I haven't been able to find this on my own, but somehow that's just not working.  

But in case my subject line was unclear, I'd like to add some text/instructions into the modal form that pops up when you are signed in as a user, click on your own profile, then click on the "Profile Photo" icon.  The modal that pops up says "Profile Photo," then you have the "Photo Type" options, which (at least the way my board is configured now) include Upload Photo, Import from URL, and Remove Photo.

I just want to add some instructions inside that little form about what sorts of photos are NOT appropriate.  It's not a language translation thing really, because I'd really like to ADD a little block of text in there . . . I guess it doesn't matter so much exactly where, but preferably at the top under the larger "Proflle Photo" text.  But not as large as that.

But I can't really work out formatting until I find the area in the templates where this stuff is actually located?

Ack.  Could someone please tell me where that is?  Thanks!

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