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How does member create albums ?


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I'm testing IPS 4.1.7 and I have a question concerning IP.Gallery and creation of albums by members.

In ACP / IP.Gallery / Categories, the categorie "Members album" seems to be correctly configured ("Allow album" is checked and permissions are those by default)

But when a member goes to "Gallery" and upload a picture, he only can select a catergory (or sub-category), but I don't see where a member can CREATE an album  ?

Any help ?

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I all,

Some more precisions ... in the "normal way" on IP.Gallery, when a member want to "Add image", he is invited to select a category, and after that, to choose or create an album ... and only after that, he is invited to upload his images.

In my IP.Gallery, the step "choose or create an album" is skipped :


More precision again : in ACP/Gallery/Category : the checkbox "allow album" is checked, and members have all permissions on the category

Thank you for your help !



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