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Theme Hooks and Designer Mode


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Had a client who purchased CJ Menu from me, and then asked me to get it to work in "designer mode". CJ Menu is basically a fancy theme hook to replace the primary menu in IPS. However it doesn't appear theme hooks get processed in designer mode. Is this intentional? or is there a trick to this that i'm not seeing? I've tried several plugins that are theme hooks and created a few myself, but to no avail, none of them would work in designer mode. As i originally thought it was something i had done in cj menu that prevented it from running. 

If this is the wrong section for this, please feel free to move it.

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I think it would be fair to call this a "disaster". Often custom skins have additional templates or other changes compared to the default code, how can we easily make a theme hook work with those?


In 3.x we could switch skin using the masterMap.php file, but here we can't anymore. Certainly not developer friendly, I hope you consider to change this for 4.2 :(

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