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Allow users on small devices to access more editor buttons


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It would be really useful if, rather than all the buttons simply becoming inaccessible, you could pick buttons that would move to a secondary dropdown (similar to how emojis work currently), so users on narrow devices can still access the majority of the buttons if necessary.

Also, it would be useful if you could define your own response points, so if you wanted to be able to add more buttons on desktop, so that they would overflow at the current response point, that would be really useful - the default desktop config leaves loads of unused space on 1080p+ monitors that could have more buttons.

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41 minutes ago, Dean_ said:

AdminCP > Customisation > Toolbars - there you will have Large, Medium, Small that you can customise. If that's what you mean?

No, I am aware of that. On small devices, there's obviously not much space for buttons, but it would be really useful if you could add more buttons to an overflow menu. That way, mobile users can still get bold, link, and things like that with one tap, but they can also access quotes, font, and things like that by tapping the .. button (or however it ends up being labelled) and selecting from more buttons than would have fit on one row.

The second part of the post was suggesting that rather than just having the predefined large, medium and small toolbars, you should actually be able to customise the sizes - personally, I don't think there's enough space on the large toolbar to actually add all the buttons that I think should be available on desktop, and would like to be able to increase the response point so that I can add more buttons without having it flow onto a second line.

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