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Redis - which module?

Thomas P

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we are evaluating different caching mechanism with IP.Board 4.1.x.

Thus we installed Redis 3.0.6 from here: http://redis.io/download

Redis-server is up and listening on default port, but we seem to miss an appropriate PHP module for Redis:

In order to use this method, the Redis extension must be installed on your server.

The ACP option is still grayed out and I am asking which "Redis extension" is missing?


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16 minutes ago, Cloud 9 said:

Redis doesn't cache guests does it ?


When enabled, the entire page output will be cached so if more than one guest is viewing the site, each page only needs to be generated once which can significantly decrease the resource usage of your site if you have lots of guests online at the same time.
The longer you cache pages for, the less often the cache will need to be refreshed (so less resources will be used) but the longer it will take for your site to be updated with the latest content. When a cached page is being shown, view counters also won't be updated.
If your site rarely has many guests online at the same time, it may take more resources to store the cache than is saved by it and so it may be better to disable it.
If you have a caching method configured that will be used, otherwise the cache is stored in the database.

So yes redis will be used.

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Thanks, I got it working on Apache using Redis Server with PHPRedis Modul.

Redis server can be easily compiled:

make PREFIX=/xyz/apps/redis-3.0.6/bin
make install PREFIX=/xyz/apps/redis-3.0.6/bin

Start the binary "redis-server" in the bin folder on your server.

Then the PHPRedis module:

./configure --with-php-config=/usr/local/bin/php-config

After that add the ready compiled module in your php.ini:

extension = "/xyz/apps/redis-php/modules/redis.so"

Integration into IPS 4.1.x is well built and works flawless in our testbed. :)

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