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I get this error - EX1146 Something went wrong.


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Hi. I've installed (CVH) Country Field 1.0.7 plug-in which is apparently not compatible with my setup or it's maybe me not knowing how to make it work. Anyway, I tried to uninstall it and then install it again but I couldn't do it. I get this error every time I try to remove it:

EX1146 Something went wrong. Please try again.

I even tried to repair the database but that didn't help. Any suggestions? Thanks.

PS. My board is latest version, It's 4.1.6 plus a ipsfocus custom theme.

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There are lots of php files there. How do I open that? 


I opened latest_sql.php from inside the board and I saw this and some other babble:

Table 'xxxxxxxxxxxx.cms_database_fields' doesn't exist
SELECT * FROM `cms_database_fields` WHERE field_type=?
    [0] => CountryFieldCvh
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That's a warez site, you shouldn't download anything from it. Please remove the link again.

Ps. since I won't be downloading this, I'd need to troubleshoot it on your site but I understand that you won't give admin access to someone you don't know. You should submit a ticket (I am not sure if this is out of IPS' support scope though).

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