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CRON task for cache - what does this mean?


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I've tried to setup a CRON task on godaddy which is where I am hosted.  I've copied the command line that is given in the ACP when you switch to CRON and plugged that in on the cron task scheduler.  I've set it up as instructed, to run every minute.  Just about every hour I get this as an email report:

Fatal error: Class 'IPS\rules\tasks\ScheduledActions' not found in /home/xxxxxxxxxxx/public_html/system/Task/Task.php on line 600

Why am I getting that, and what can I do to fix it.  I've shut off the CRON stuff for now as I understand if it isn't working correctly it can cause havoc on my site.

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This does not seem to be related to 4.1.6 changes.

As Daniel said, it sounds like there may be a file missing from your installation.

I will be releasing a new version of rules later tonight to address 4.1.6 changes. I recommend you update to that once it is available.

If your issue remains, you can get support @ http://ipsguru.net/rules/support

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2 hours ago, Daniel F said:

This is an issue with the rules application

Fatal error: Class 'IPS\rules\tasks\ScheduledActions'


Are you using the app? If yes, please make sure that all files were uploaded

I actually removed the RULES app because of the issues it was causing.  I guess it wasn't completely removed then??

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