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Topic Under Special Surveillance

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About This File

This plugin will give to users from specific user groups the ability to put topics under special surveillance, by adding a badge (risk of closure) and message in specific places to users get advised that won't be tolerated flaming/discussions on those topics.

Users from selected groups will have access to a new area on ModeratorCP (Topics Under Special Surveillance) to get a list of all topics under special surveillance. From that new area, those users will be able to remove the special surveillance status from topics (same can be done in topic view). Those users has also the abilitiy to receive a notification everytime another user put a topic under special surveillance.

Every action (add or remove special surveillance status) is added on Moderator Log for further check.




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3 minutes ago, Police Community said:

the message field would be good if it was an editor rather than plain text and a second thing it would be good if possible to choose the alert css from alert, warn, info etc

Yeah, I know... it was at a first moment but it gets misaligned, like that:


Probably there's some CSS trick to avoid it.

I will research for a fix and make it a editor in a further version.

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Just now, Lenny Warren said:

I get the red warning flag on the topic list, which is nice. I also get the red box at the bottom of the post. Just not the notification.

Not sure what to tell you. It works for me, as you can see.

Btw, it is showing the wrong user as the user who set the topic in surveillance. I'll take a look on it.

Send your credentials via PM (ACP & FTP). I'll take a look today later or tomorrow in the morning.

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I've just tried something. If I mark as RISK OF CLOSURE, I don't get a notification, only the others who have the permission to do it and follow it?

I presumed that if anyone posts another post after the warning, we'd all get a notification? Or is that not how it works?

When I tried to mark as risk of closure from another account I got this error...

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 21.42.11.png

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What doesn't wotk? Notification? Auto follow? Hard to understand!

If the NEW POST notification doesn't work, that's not related to my plugin. This is a core feature. My plugin only add you to the follower list. After set a topic, note if you and the others from selected group are following the topic.

Core sends that notification. Not my plugin. 

Anyway, I can't do anything today. I'm on a mobile device. The plugin works, as you saw on my screenvideo. I think you more confused than anything else.

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6 minutes ago, Lenny Warren said:

Notification and auto follow work fine for other things, just not notifications for your plugin. (for me)

So let's go one more time: if YOU set the topic, you won't get the notification from MY plugin. If John Doe set a topic and your group is selected, you will get the notification saying that "John Doe set the topic XXXXXXX under special...".

That's how the plugin was done. That's how it works and it works, as you saw on my video.

Is that your problem? I'm really not following you.

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