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Square Wheels

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10 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

That is very disappointing to hear that this too was removed.

Are there plans to add it back?

Not at the moment. 

None-the-less, a simplified "print-version" can be fairly easily added in via CSS (add media="print" to the CSS stylesheet include). The print-version was rarely used in 3.x so in order to remove unneeded bulk, it was removed. There was a topic a while back explaining the reason further if you wish to look.

My personal opinion: the IPS4 design isn't as bulky as 3.x so it can be easily printed.

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I had to block vb print view from guests as content skimmers were using that view to make their lives easier. Just a thought...

It didnt make their life that much easier but it was a easy way to write a skimmer and pull content from any vb based site as the print view was pretty standard across them all.

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