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Locked tasks

Jan Krohn

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Hi to all of you,

I have successfully migrated my board two times :) 

Due to some issues I wanted to re-run the upgrade and everything went fine. The only thing that I have issues with is background tasks.

After the upgrade I have logged to Admin area/Dashboard and I could see couple of background tasks standing at 100% and other tasks and 0%

I've had to manually run the background tasks so they could be completed.

And again I see one task standing at 100% and it looks like it could not be finished.


Also I have this message in the Dashboard:


I have to say that I didn't had these issues when I have upgraded the board for the first time.

Once I have upgraded the board from the same backup for the second time I started to have this issues. Did something went wrong with the upgrade or something else is the problem here?

Queue tasks log doesn't contain any errors:


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