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Copy of reported content in report


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From 3.4 to 4 you changed so there is no longer a copy of the original content at the time it was reported within the original report. 

This can be very problematic from a moderator perspective, since the moderator is interested in the content that triggered a report to be made. Also, upon other moderators reviewing the case or commenting the report, they may not realize the content has since been changed. 

Let's say: a member writes something offensive, it's reported, and then the member edits their post to hide their original offense. The report then lacks the necessary context and evidence to make it be taken as seriously by the moderator as it should be. 

I want a copy of the contents to be included with the report, as it was in 3.4, since it provides the context required. This should also cause there to be even be a copy of a deleted post within any report of that post. 

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That there is not made a copy when the post is reported is problematic also for personal conversations. Which to my knowledge doesn't have an edit log.

And I'm not interested in logging edits to all content, then I would wish that setting to only log edits made to reported content. And it should be easy to see and view the edit log from the report in the report center. 

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