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Can I change IP.Chat to my own IRC server?


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15 minutes ago, Rhett said:

IPS Chat uses our chat servers, there isn't an option to self host the chat service at this time. 

Are you looking at giving one in future?

I'm surprised so many users are ok with letting their communication networks be hosted somewhere basically unknown to them.

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4 minutes ago, Rhett said:

No, there are no plans to self host chat at this time, this is hosted by us in a secure environment. 

It's all fair and good to say that it's hosted in a secure environment, but where can I see more information on it?

What sort of network is it hosted on at your end? What encryption and logging occurs? What data access is there? How secure are the servers?

If it's hosted on IRC networks on your end, it's a simple matter to allow users to change which network their paid application directs to.

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Hello, it's a custom developed chat service, it's not IRC.  It's hosted internally on our network. I won't go into the security details as they are not public information.  

I'm not sure the topic of your community, but it works well for many top security firms, as well as many thousands of clients. 




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4 minutes ago, cualupe said:

You don't provide security details regarding data storage of hosted services that clients pay for?

Do you issue transparency reports?

If you have any security concerns on your hosted services, please submit a support ticket in customer service and we can assist you.

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