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Attachment Handling


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Is there a better way of removing old attached files and images. I have upgraded from 3.x to 4.x

I was trying to use the "Insert other media" and I noticed many file showing 0bytes. So I went to attachments and can't find them there. I did find some that are no longer needed as the posts are probably gone and years old.

When I go into attachments and find the one I'm looking for by selecting the image tab, sorting by date, then by member and click "delete". It deletes the image fine. It then throws you back to the very first page and you have to reselect Image, date, member each time you want to delete a file. If you have several this can take forever. Is it supposed to be kicking back to square one? Or is that something wrong with my installation. 

Is there a reason some are showing 0 file size but not in the listing that I can find? also how would one go about getting rid of the "0" files.attachment.thumb.jpg.0d8ab7c47cf72c52997


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