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Quote removal still no good in 4.1


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You apparently meant to improve this in 4.1 and thus I trusted your judgement and said to members it would be improved when we would upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1. But myself, administrators and members I've heard from with the boards I manage the technical aspects of haven't noticed any improvement to how quote removal is handled. This is with version 4.1.5. 

The major cause for this is that all the ones I've heard from initially expect to be able to remove the quote by simply hitting backspace when they are just below the quote. A perfectly logical and obvious thought-process.

What they don't expect is to be taken inside the quote and have the text cursor be placed before the first character inside the quote. What good does that do? This is especially true for users of mobile phones and tablets. Which more than 50% of our page visits are. And even then, if they try to continue to hit backspace, it does them no good, because the text cursor at that point is "trapped" inside the quote box.

This in turn causes many complaints on how they are unable to remove the quote boxes from the editor even after they reload the page etc. (Because of the fact that the browser keeps the text stored in local storage. Do NOT misunderstand me: The fact you store the text in local storage for unpublished content is something I and many others consider a very good thing. I'm NOT asking for that to be removed or changed.) The reason they want to remove all they have written may be because they have started to write a reply, but have decided they didn't want to reply after all, new replies came in that makes their reply outdated etc. All the possible reasons can happen surprisingly often when you have 4000+ posts a day and more than a thousand logged in members each day. 

As the current situation is I would have to constantly teach ridiculous work-arounds (explained in the bug report I've made) that aren't inherently obvious on either device, because it seems that even your intended method of clicking the quote header is not working in an optimal fashion. Please make sure to note the good reply from @chilihead as well. 

Instead I would like members to be able to simply remove quotes in the manner that makes the most obvious sense to them and what they are most likely to try first, to hit backspace on the keyboard (on all devices) when the text cursor is positioned just below the quote box. Or alternatively at least have the text cursor not hit a "magic impenetrable wall" when they use backspace inside the quote and there is either no more text inside it or the text cursor is positioned before the first character in the quote. It should be easy to remove text, quote boxes and the entire contents of what's within the editor with only use of the keyboard on all devices, not have to click around experimentally with your mouse.

Especially note this part from what @chilihead wrote:


The most intuitive way is backspace it out, start below and just remove.

I don't like anything with member instruction for functions that should be intuitive, you have to make announcements only some members see and are constantly contacted over it.

How do you remove a quote? I tried to use backspace and it stopped at the name.

You have to do it twice, put the cursor below it again and it will backspace out.
Members backspace out the first time, no one contacts you. Easy.

I've received many complaints related to changes and problems with the editor, but this is definitely the one thing I've seen be the most far-reaching and most commented negative aspect of it, and the one issue I can relate the most to.

The current situation is frankly unacceptable to a lot of the members I've heard from and I agree and understand them very much. I can also show any IPS staff how the upgrade have negatively affected the activity in the community by personal message, a lot of which (based on the feedback we've received) can be attributed to problems with the editor. This is something that actually have and continue to affect our community effectively. I doubt we would have upgraded to 4.X at this time if we could have properly anticipated the editor problems and other performance problems we've encountered. 

Also see related feedback on use of ctrl+a to select all.

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ive mention this issue so many times to lindy with no response from him. 

This is counter-intuitive. 

how do u even remove quotation box when ur on touchpad like phone and tablet? when u need to right click and shift at same time?

theres no instructions how to remove the quotation box and backspace used to be the obvious choice to delete everything but you made this into a illogical change

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4 hours ago, Lindy said:

We're aware of the quoting quirks - we're working on them and should have something in coming weeks. 


Happy to hear. I just hope it involves being able to remove the quote with the reliable use of hitting backspace on keyboards just below the quote. It really is all that would be needed.

If someone wish to change something inside the quote, then it would make sense to navigate inside the quote with the use of the key up/down buttons on your keyboard for the PC or tapping inside the quote on tablet and mobile.

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