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help! Deleted the default emoticon group


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I deleted the default emoticon group in adminCP, because I wanted to replace some emoticons. 

After deleting it, I cant create new groups. 

This is what I do: click on 'Add emoticons' > select emoticon > give grp a name (e.g. Other) > press save

Nothing happens after pressing save.

Can someone pls help me to restore the default group? I think deleting the default group caused some internal error somewhere.

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your post doesnt really answer my question @Adlago

1. The group 'default' was deleted in adminCP.

2. I can only choose 'Create new group'

3. Adding new emoticons is not possible, cause the save button doesnt do anything anymore. (both save buttons dont work. The one on your screenshot and the other one when uploading the emoticons.)

Basically I cant make groups, so whatever I add in manually in the emoticon map wont work, cause IPB needs a group to relate to I think.

What im hoping to achieve is to add the 'default' group back in the database and hopefully solve the issue that way...or find some other solution.

Im not really in the mood to reinstall ipb or upgrading it, with the chance that all my custom changes will be lost. Im currently on ipb ver. 4.0.13.

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I've added two screenshots of what I see in adminCP.

What i meant with no results given back was that core_emoticons was empty.

 If the emoticon groups (e.g. Default) are stored in that table, can't we just write a query that adds them back and do some testing from there?

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.24.22.png

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.25.22.png

Btw...this is what I see when I open the emoticon menu.

You can delete groups by pressing a small button on the right side of the group...cant show it anymore since I deleted mine :(

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.32.10.png

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I have an idea. I will try to create sql command to restore the first emoticon.

For this idea you need login FTP uploads - furst your monthly folder.Find full name dry.png. 

Will resemble -> 'dry.png.391a7d050bfd50006f757ad4a43f9611.png '.

Copy and paste here the name. I'll need a folder name, for example 'monthly_2015_01'
Later I will put here sql command.

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There was no dry.png in my monthly folders. I checked all of them but the file was not found. So I searched for the icon on google, found it and added it manually with FTP.

I added dry.png (that is the exact name) manually to the folder monthly_2015_12

I also found out that when I press the save button the emoticon (see screenshot) gets added to the folder /public_html/uploads/emoticons (see screenshot).

please note that the save button doesnt work when I try to add an emoticon. It shows a loading window and returns to the same save window, not creating the group.


This is how /public_html/uploads/emoticons looks like. I'm not sure if the emoticon should be in a subfolder/group (e.g. 'myEmoticons' like in the screenshot above.) It's not from what I see in the main emoticons folder.


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Attachment file must be new option for updated versions of IPB..I dont see it in my SQL toolbox. I tried adding the query manually (SQL toolbox > entered query in textarea)

INSERT INTO core_emoticons (id,typed,image,clickable,emo_set,emo_position,emo_set_position,image_2x,width,height)
VALUES ("1",":dry:","monthly_2015_12/dry.png.391a7d050bfd50006f757ad4a43f9611.png","1","9c7d1c2870df43d3b559b7f60cb3fddf","1","1","","0","0" );

But it returns an error (retina emoticons where added in ver.4.1. Im running ver.4.0.13, so I assume this column doesnt not exist in my version  ): 

Unknown column 'image_2x' in 'field list'

deleting image_2x from the query returns a different error:

Column count doesn't match value count at row 1

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Try this


INSERT INTO core_emoticons (id,typed,image,clickable,emo_set,emo_position,emo_set_position,width,height)
VALUES ("1",":dry:","monthly_2015_12/dry.png.391a7d050bfd50006f757ad4a43f9611.png","1","9c7d1c2870df43d3b559b7f60cb3fddf","1","1","0","0" );


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1 minute ago, microsoftdotcom said:

Unknown column 'width' in 'field list'



Try this


INSERT INTO core_emoticons (id,typed,image,clickable,emo_set,emo_position,emo_set_position)
VALUES ("1",":dry:","monthly_2015_12/dry.png.391a7d050bfd50006f757ad4a43f9611.png","1","9c7d1c2870df43d3b559b7f60cb3fddf","1","1");


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