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Attachment issues after upgrade


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I have just upgrade my IPS 3.4.8 community and have some issues. The worst for me is this one : 

All old image attachments don't appear on forum posts, but when I edit the post I can see the image attachment

Do you know how to resolve this issue ? 

Should I have to wait rebuilding background processes ?

My website is now very very slow, maybe the background processes make it slower ?

Thank you ! 





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1 minute ago, Jim M said:

Have background tasks completed?

No, they are running full blast now. It's rebuilding posts.

I have some avatars showing (like 1 out of 100) and no image attachments are showing. (unless I click edit, just as the OP said)

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4 hours ago, Jim M said:

Please allow the background tasks to complete. This may resolve the issues. At the end if they still exist, please submit a ticket 

Yes, I wait background tasks to complete and now all is ok. Website faster and all attachement are visible.

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