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Your license key is missing. Please provide your license key

Cristian Romero

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Hey there,

Community good morning all have a serious problem with my forum details:

I have installed all since April 2015 now shows a message in the admin panel that says:

Your license key is missing. Please provide your license key

Well then I enter my area I write client license key when acontinuacion following happens:

There was an error communicating with the IPS License Server: Connection timed out. Please try again later or contact technical support for assistance IPS.

in view system problem area> support I left> displays:
Sometimes badly cached data can cause problems. Have we cleared all cached data, please check and see if your problem has been resolved.
after this to continue showed this other message:
IPS Community Suite is unable to make a connection to an external website. This can cause Problems with third party services. You should contact your hosting provider to ask for esta problem to be resolved.

since April I have not changed my story accommodation with firewall security sucuri.net where I have never had problems.

no but I hope it is resolved that for me are the best forums. on the safety of sucuri.net

sincerely thank the support team

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It just sounds like its having a problem with the IPS license server. I'm not sure if this is a problem with your hosting provider, if you've never had a problem with this before. Sounds to me like an excuse to pawn the problem off to your hosting provider. When IPS 3 was released and my license lapsed, I had to re-enter my license key once, but that I had never had a serious problem with my license. key being recognized by IPS' license server.

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