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Required tags are missing the "Required" text when composing


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When you compose a post there is red text to tell you what is required. The title and body, but if you require tags that field does not get the required text, causing members to try to submit the post, only to see an error message after they try to post.

I had mentioned this as a bug but it was marked for "future." I was wondering if it could be addressed faster, this is basic form functionality and causes extra clicks when posting. I was hoping to require some tags but don't really want to until this is addressed. Thanks for your attention. :)



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@Rikki Okay you definitely fixed that since my bug (or the demo may have been behind), now I know marked for "future" can actually be pretty fast. :lol: This is actually great, thanks.

I found one bug, when using the closed system you do not get the grey lines

Type tags separated by commas.
Enter at least 2 tags.

I imagine you left it out because you select tags, not type them, but the wording is still needed for the minimum required, and you could change the language to "select."

Select at least 2 tags.

Should I file that or is this enough?

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