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Slow Posting


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recently my forum suffer from slow posting/reply

people reply on topic and when they click submit, it take ages to complete, some member click it multiple times result in double or even triple posting >_<

I've been made a support ticket,

but I need to gather some experience in this community related to this problem,

any of you have similar issue? and what the cause and solution for the problem?

i've been digging around and found one or two similar issue, and one that interesting me was "follow this" issue

I have small forum in shared hosting, no resource intensive issue I guess, only 101 mb MySQL size  :p


ah almost forgot, little bit late but, Merry xmas everybody :thumbsup:

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thanx for the reply, as I mentioned before, I use shared hosting,

pretty standard spec I guess, litespeed, Mysql 5.5.x, php 5.3, all descent function, etc, pretty much all fixed spec by hoster, :p

for hardware, I'll ask to the hoster first, just wait

I never really into the server's details ehehhe, until now :lol:

ehm for the SMTP function, is it set in IPB script or in my web panel?

ehm, for the test I think I want to disable some function, like follow this , can you guide me where to set those setting?

whops, seems I found the setting, and disable it for the moment for test.

I'll try to check the SMTP setting in my web panel


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Update :

1. shared hosting with :

    Proc 8 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E31270 @ 3.40GHz

    Memory 8 Gb

    HDD 2 x 1 TB

2. after disable notification reply time back to normal, nice :thumbsup:

3. Create New Topic still have slow loading issues, I just make new topic this day and result in time out in my cloudflare (504 Error) :sad:

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On 27/12/2015 at 5:19 PM, VeggieSwan said:

Are you using SMTP to deliver emails? If so, if your SMTP server is slow or connectivity between the two is bad - you will suffer from lag while posting.

You can simply test by disabling SMTP and use PHP's Mail function to see if your post times speed up.


where I can find this setting?

update : I found it, already in PHP mode, should I change to SMTP


I try to make dummy post on some sub forum, and yes, only sub forum with member click "follow this forum", this error happen, but why? notification function already disable.

Is it some way to reset members who click "follow this topic" or "follow this forum" back to 0 ?


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