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Why is there no nex/prev button in the Gallery lightbox?


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When you view images from a specific album, you click on the enlarge button to open the larger sized image in the lightbox but there is no button inside the lightbox to move to the next or previous image in the album. Instead you have to close the lightbox, move to the next image and reopen the lightbox.

If you use the left/right key on your keyboard while the lightbox is open, only the image behind the lightbox (the smaller version) changes but the image inside the lightbox remains the same.

This is such a big UI fail. If Gallery knows how to change the image behind the lightbox, why not change the image inside the lightbox as well? It seems such a trivial fix that would greatly improve the Gallery browsing experience.

Lightbox has this feature when you're viewing images posted inside a post but not in the gallery itself when viewing images of a specific album? This can't be intentional behavior?

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@Lindy I'm starting to get the impression this issue is being ignored by your team intentionally.

This specific problem has been mentioned before but never received a comment from you.

Here are two other topics pointing out the same strange behavior I mentioned in my original post.

Surely you agree the way it works now is confusing? Is it an architecture problem and IPB 4 simply can't solve this issue that seems so trivial to fix?


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