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    • By Michael.J
      Points application to issue new points to members and new points for new topics, posts, signing up or giving points manually via their profile page. Control the points given for various things and permissions from the admin cp.
      Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

      NEW Give out points for new items, reviews and comments in other applications. e.g. Downloads, Gallery, Calendar and most 3rd party app. Member group allowance to give out points automatically to selected member groups. Mass modify member points tool to add or remove points from selected member groups. Unlock topic feature to set which forums will require members use points to unlock and view topics. Add points for voting in poll or for poll owners who receive votes. Set points for club forums. Either individually or via the admin cp. Member filter for points to support group promotions or bulk mail filters based on the number of points. Admin tools to reset all members points or clear points logs. Redeem points into a manually processed value with custom field support. Integration with the Commerce application to redeem points into account credit. Set per forum values for members giving and receiving reactions. Set how many points new members get on signup. Enable an auto reset for points. Top points widget to display the members with the top points. Customize the fixed point options given out for each post. Change the name or prefix of points. Set how many points new topics, replies are given in each forum. Set how many points are given to the topic starter if someone replies to their topic in each forum. Import points from other Points apps if they store their points in the forums database. (Confirmed working with ibEconomy.) Points displayed in profile information of each members post. Manually modify a members points count from their profile. Including a note stating the reason. Profile tab that displays a list of that members points log. Set group permissions for who can view and manage (add/remove) points. Global points page to display all the recent points logs and actions.
    • By Ihia
      Hi Guys
      Re Pattaya-Addicts forum
      Apologies for resurrecting this issue but it seems to have returned and I can no longer access the old "bubble chat" where it was discussed before.
      I cant help but wonder if this and the Posting Restriction logs thing (another thread on this) are related.
      To see what I mean you can
      Login as Admin
      Open profile Gonetothedogs and you will see

      If you then click "See All Warning points" you will see there are two points, issued April 4 2020, that are still ACTIVE.
      Those two points should show in that screenshot above should they not?
    • By Dexter_X
      Hi, it seems I'm having a problem it is supposed to have been already solved : sometimes, when a user wins an achievement rule where the user shall receive points and a badge, the user only gets the points but not the badge. Last time it occurred it was linked to a notification error that raises an exception making the badge award to be loss.
      Now I've - again - the exact same behavior. So please, can you solve it once for all ? That's certainly generating a lot of inconsistencies in our rules system and considering it is still not possible to adjust automatically awarded badges by giving them manually it is just not functional...
      @Matt ?
      (i've updated my production site access in the client area and I can provide you at least one user profile where it has recently happen in my community)
    • By sound
      couple of basic suggestions
      1.  add a view counter to product items - for obvious reasons
      2.  when cloning/copying a product item - set the   $primaryTable['p_store'] = 0; so that the new unedited clone/copy doesn't show immediately in the store
    • By Michael.J
      Allows your members to submit their own videos for community viewing. Support is included for all the major video sites.

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