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Suggestion: Drag and drop stream positioning user side menu


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I'd like to be able to organize my streams. Example: This site, I have one for bugs and one for archived bugs and there are 5 streams in between. Would be really great if we could determine their order.

It would be beneficial to place our most used streams near the top, etc.


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There should be some way to save the order of our streams, even if it's in member settings. Drag and drop in the menu would be the best (maybe in settings also) but not being able to position them at all seems like an oversight. As streams gain more popularity with upgrades and members adding streams for certain apps or categories, or just adding a multitude of streams that become unwieldy, I am sure it will come up again soon.

Would love to see this.

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On 1/1/2016 at 2:32 PM, socceronly said:

Or just a general user dashboard where they are allowed to add and move blocks.

On the admin side you could set a blocks permission level to be added, locked in place and if it was collapsable.

Anything! I just created a "My Content" stream on IPS to include "Content I have posted in" because they removed it from there for some reason, but this stream is all the way at the bottom, and I'd just like to move it to the top.

It would be great if users could reorder streams in the menu thanks!

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