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Currently the post feed widget shows recent replies and shows the same thread if there were multiple replies to it, but I want it to only show different threads, no duplicates.

Sort of how the thread feed widget shows threads that were recently updated/replied to (if set to update like that), but Instead of just showing the thread and who made it, I want it to show  who made the reply and to what thread.


For example: Three threads - Thread 1, Thread 2, Thread 3


Currently it would show...

1. Recent Reply to 'thread 1'

2. Recent reply to 'thread 1'

3. Recent reply to 'thread 1'

if the 3 most recent replies were to thread 1



What I want it to show is...

1. Recent Reply to 'thread 1'

2. Recent reply to 'thread 2'

3. Recent reply to 'thread 3'


Dunno how to really explain it >.> hopefully you understand what I'm trying to get at lol.

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I was able to get it sorted for my site that has Pages installed (cause you can add Post Feed template) but for another site that does not have Pages installed, there dont seem to be an option I could find out.

Anyone have any idea how to add Blocks ? ( Other than purchasing Pages :D ) 

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