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Can Tags show in topic list on mobile? They are stripped and


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If you use tags for organizational/categorical reasons (instead of certain sub-forums), like having a closed system with one tag members can select, it defeats the purpose to only show it in the content item view (when reading the actual topic). How do they click the tags to see all the topics (content)? They do not exist on mobile.

Neither tags nor prefixes show in the stream on mobile and on the full site prefixes don't show in the stream (not a huge deal but...) on mobile, tags don't show in forum view. This is the biggest issue.

Could we at least get tags in forum view on mobile? (Blog list, category view for articles, etc.)

If this is a space issue, a cool feature would be, if a closed system, show the actual tags at the top of the forums (blog, database) once, so users could click on them for the related content.


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