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Report System is a Mess


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The report system in 3.X was perfect. My complaints with the report system in 4.0 and now 4.1:

1) The reported post changes in the report system if the actual post is edited. This is terrible since often a mod will edit a post with offensive material after reporting it (so that we can decide if points are necessary or not). This makes it EXTREMELY confusing when a staff member has to go to the actual post in question and see the post log. If you insist on keeping this inane and self-defeating feature in, please at least include the ability to see the post log within the report center.

2) The mods and admins used to check the report system all the time. This is no longer the case as the staff doesn't know when there's reports and such. It doesn't help that when you click "Reported Content" it shows ALL reports not just the ones that were closed (like it used to be). It's hard for the staff thus to keep up with open reports. I know there's the number at the top bar that tells you "2" and you can see open reports that way but....it's not as intuitive.


Number one is my primary concern, though, as I honestly don't get why editing a post should change the reported post. It confuses the heck out of everyone when we wonder what was the offensive material.

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