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Please hide spoiler contents in stream


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HTML is stripped and spoiler contents are shown, but all the various bugs have been closed. So this is posted as a suggestion.

They are spoilers and you are in essence broadcasting them instead of hiding them.

Matt had said the only way was to remove from search, I find that to be an acceptable solution. I'd rather they not show in the stream then be searchable. If you told me already spoilers weren't searchable I'd be fine with that. This would even solve any issue of revealing a spoiler in search.

But any solution is welcome, as long as the contents are not shown in the stream. Thanks.

Bug report:

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1 hour ago, Evil Edwina said:

Blimey, that's bad... Seriously, we have STAR WARS around the corner and that spolier tag is about to get some pretty heavy usage! I can already feel the anger, the hatred, flowing through my members. Their journeys to the dark side will be complete, and it'll be all down to this flaw!



I liked this post entirely for the Star Wars reference.  

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