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Sort Database Records by Geo Location


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I'm also looking for a solution, how to implement a "neighbourhood discovery" or "member radius feature".

I require a function as follows:

  1. member enter their location in the address profile field and/or in a custom profile field. accuracy for city is enough.
  2. basic requirement: other members can search for "members in their neighbourhood", means in the same city! (city name matching)
  3. advanced requirement: members have an option to search in a radius to their current or a set location, f.e. in a 10 miles / kilometers radius. The distance should be configurable

Member results (= "neighbours") should be displayed either

  • in an IP.Pages database (with a filter in the sidebar or on top)
  • in a member list application like @Fosters member lists pro (I could then filter for cities or radius and it would display results as member cards in grid view)

Anyone knows a solution for these requirements?


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