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How to set up a secure Nginx+php-fpm server in 60s

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Shared hosting is not always the most secure and fast for websites especially IPB, we tryed many hosters and panels and now i think that we found the right combination,

we are using for many month now a free tool (panel and service) called serverpilot, its a cloud based panel and you dont need any thing to install on your server, all what you need is to take a vps from vultr or digital ocean, you can start with a 5$ vps at vultr. You launch the remote install from the serverpilot and it will install for you 4 php versions with php-fpm nginx, mysql, fail2ban, etc. and keep your server updated ! please check thoses videos :


ps: i am not working for serverpilot, i am just a happy user and like to share my experience with you guys :)


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