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I would like ways to detect multiple accounts!


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I would like ways to detect multiple accounts! this would help a great deal for my site. And im sure for others. We are in the age of proxy and vpn users so the simple ip match just is not enough anymore and i think invision power should lead in this and see if they can add other ways. As some people (troublemakers) can have up to 4 accounts on any one forum. They will rep themselves. Talk to themselves. Cause arguments with people they dont like on alternate accounts so they dont lose their main. Its a sad truth and its hard to act against. Currently Its like pulling off a flower instead of pulling up the root.

So maybe we could get a new multiple accounts detector in the modcp! to help mitigate such issues. Since moderation is all about managing the community.

  • It could then flag users that have the same ip as another user (this on its own, is not enough to make a decision on if action would need to be taken, but its a start)
  • Add a unique value of some kind to a cookie. which will be locked to an account. If a user logs in with another account via the same web browser it would then be flagged in the modcp?

This is the best i could think of to jump start this. but i know you may not want to add this type of thing. As it may be best suited to a custom application.

my 2 cents

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I'm not sure; I'm still on 3.4 and a good duplicates solution was something I've been waiting for. Currently I use this addon on 3.4: https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/6001-duplicate-members-logger/

However, I would stay away from this as the cookie it uses is Flash-based, and will not work on mobile devices, which is increasingly becoming common to browse forums.

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9 hours ago, icedream said:

It seems that CJ version also uses cookies to detect duplicate members.

From what i can tell it only uses cookies. No ip match but i guess thats not needed since cookie beats proxies. as long as they dont use more than 1 browser. Not fullproof but defo an improvement over standard.

I just bought it so we shall see how it goes.

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