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Php memory size

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Our forum is hosted on 1 and 1. They have a declared php memory size of 131k.

Trouble is, the pre install checks detect this as 120k.

We only have around 500 users on our forum, and it's unlikely to go beyond 600ish, as it's a closed forum. 

On that basis I think the size should be ok (it certainly has been until now) but how do I get beyond this ?

1and1 don't want to increase the size, and have said I could override the reported size in the php.ini,  but it doesn't seem to make any difference. 

Any suggestions gratefully received,  because at the moment I'm stuck..



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You can try this, as it may bypass the problem. Edit your conf_global.php file, and immediately below the first line:


add this line:


then save the file and see if the upgrade continues.

If it does not, please file a ticket to Support and we'll be glad to assist.

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