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Improvements to Activity Streams

Ilya Hoilik

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Hello! I've some suggestions about Activity Streams.

It would be great if we could select Content by specific groups. For example, every morning I would like to check list of answers by IPS Management and IPS Staff. Regardless of who are in the selected groups.

More filters for Pages
I like to use Activity Streams to find bugs I posted previously. But why there is no filter by filterable fields? For example, we can filter record by Status in the category view. Why we cannot filter streams by status? It would be great if we could create stream which Showing Bugs I posted: Pending. Or Showing Bugs I posted: Fixed.

Which fields should be displayed?
For example, see this stream in condensed view. Why there is no value of filterable fields too? It would be great if we could see value of fields we selected on Edit Stream page for every record.

Clickable usernames
Showing all content posted by Charles, Lindy, Matt, Andy Millne, bfarber etc. I think each username should be clickable, so we could view profile of each user or user's hovercard.

Thanks in advance!


P.S. Please, delete these streams:


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