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How to fit image size in


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Just today i have upgraded Invision power board from 3.xx


In 3.xx any image posted, used to auto fit in screen. But in this version its showing full image. I have also tried after changing setting  of " Maximum image dimensions to save" and  Maximum image dimensions to display from System > General > posting but still its showing full image


please suggest

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The changed setting will only affect new images. You can edit those ones you linked to and resize them. Edit the post and then click the image, then drag the corner to make it the size you want.

If you want to resize all the images already posted. ACP->System>Settings>Posting>Maximum image dimensions to display. Have a look at the description text for that setting, at the end of the paragraph there is a link " rebuild existing images"

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7 hours ago, Richard-023 said:

That does not work for the remote image size. 

But thanks! 

You can definitely resize remote images by editing them. However, when I said resize them all using the rebuild existing images function I was incorrect for remote images. F or remote images the software does not respect the image sizes set in ACP at all. It seems ridiculous that it doesn't. Add your feelings about it to the topic below and perhaps it will be implemented.



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